Shabbat Services

Beit Simcha has worship services every Shabbat starting at 10:30AM.
(Shabbat, or Sabbath, is the seventh day of the week.)
Here’s a map and directions guiding you to our synagogue.

Twice a month (usually first and third Shabbat), we have a Torah service.

Like King David and the Levites, we worship with singing and instruments.
As 1 Chronicles 15:16 says, “David spoke to the chief of the Levites to appoint their kinsmen to be singers making use of musical instruments – lutes, lyres and cymbals – to play loudly and raise sounds of joy.” Beit Simcha””s worship team includes drums, guitar, flute, keyboard, piano, accordion and occasionally our Messianic Rabbi on saxophone.

We believe God wants us to rejoice–hence Beit Simcha, House of Joy!

Following the example of Miriam and King David, we worship through Israeli-style dance. Our Rebbitzin teaches worship dance twice a month, usually the second and third Shabbats after oneg (lunch). As Psalm 150:4 says, “Praise him with tambourines and dancing! Praise him with flutes and strings!”

We also worship God through traditional liturgy from a Siddur (prayer book). Many of these prayers go back to the time of the Second Temple & Yeshua.

We wait quietly upon the Lord, then congregants share what they believe
the Spirit of God (Ruach Elohim) is speaking in their hearts.

We bless the children under a tallit before sending them to Shabbat school.

Usually, the first Shabbat of the month, the Rabbi chants from the Torah, translates from the scroll, and then gives a message about the parasha (portion) he had read.TimBasehore_rollingTorah
The third Shabbat of the month, congregants read from the Torah, the Prophets (Haftarah) and New Covenant and each reader shares a short d’rash (personal interpretation) about his or her portion. 
On the second and fourth Shabbat, the Rabbi focusses his sermons more on other parts of Scripture. (Check out our sermons and podcast.)
We often enjoy visiting speakers from Tikkun America (our apostolic and equipping network) and other national and regional ministries.

While adults are hearing Bible-based teaching, our Shabbat school meets…

with classes for younger and older children, as well as a nursery, which is available for little ones from the beginning through the end of the service. (The children below are now in college–Kutztown University, West Point and the Coast Guard Academy–and all remain loyal to Messianic Judaism and Beit Simcha! We’re kvelling proudly!)

After services,our healing ministry team prays for anyone needing physical healing or deliverance from oppression in the sanctuary, while others head over the fellowship hall to enjoy our Oneg Shabbat (Delight of Shabbat) – lunch and fellowship…

We always urge our guest to go the front of the buffet-style lines and our Rabbi and others prioritize getting know our visitors. So visit us and stay for a while.

After oneg, we offer various classes: Hebrew (learning blessings from the Siddur or Prayer book), Messianic dance workshops, a monthly Torah portion study, Becoming One studies, and the Rabbi’s Messianic Foundations (Membership) class. All are welcome! Children enjoy playing out back. 

After the classes, we offer Theophostic Prayer Ministry, a biblically based intercessory prayer ministry for anyone in emotional pain. On the first and third Shabbats, some of us go out as a Prayer Station, offering prayer and the Good News of Messiah to a neighborhood in Allentown.

Watch a video explaining Messianic Judaism and how we worship God every Shabbat at Beit Simcha:
Or watch it on YouTube (and subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

Also rejoice with us in the Spring festivals (Passover through Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost), the Fall festivals (Rosh HaShana through Sukkot,  the Feast of Tabernacles, and Simchat Torah), or other traditional Jewish holidays.

Check our calendar to find out when the festivals, coffeehouses and other special events will occur next and plan to join us! Contact us to receive email reminding you about upcoming festivals, coffeehouses and special events. Here’s a map and directions guiding you to our location.